Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the eighth day of the week

Monsoon Study
12x12 oil on board

Day's Done
10x8 oil on board

oh i have so much to do! i need that eighth day of the week just to spend more time in the studio. i've been asked several times about a newsletter so i started a mailing list (sign up is on the right side of the page) and i'm going to work on a newsletter, hopefully this weekend. the newsletter will be to update you on upcoming shows, new work and the latest blog posts. very exciting, no?! (edit...the first line is email, second is first name and third is last name...i'll have to figure out how to fix that!)

here are two new works i did this past weekend. both are smaller works done on treated board instead of canvas. i rather like the hard surface to paint on and it leaves my edges with a nice clean wood surface. there's not the give that a canvas has. instead of the satisfying drumbeat of canvas when the brush hits it, there's an equally satisfying solid thud.

alright, back to the gallery to cover for a few hours and then tonight i'll hit the canvas and/or paper. cheers!

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