Sunday, August 14, 2011

little big things

Little Big Storm, 6x6, oil on panel

i've got a collection of canvas going on in the studio, way too much white in here! i've got a thing for either mini works or humongous works! this is a little 6x6 that i did that i really want to do in a 48x48. that will probably be my next purchase....that and a bunch of paint! i'm also planning on experimenting with using less white and concentrating on color and mixing new colors. it's going to be a crazy week at work with our biggest show of the year happening, but oddly that frantic activity makes me even more invigorated in the studio!

so i guess it's been awhile since i've updated, sorry about that! can't say that i've been super busy, just maybe a little in a slump. i got to go on vacation for my cousin's wedding...but i was so miserable in the humidity, all i could think about was coming back to high and dry santa fe! it was good to see the family though and go somewhere new. in september i'm planning on taking a trip somewhere...just not sure where yet.

as for an update on my kitty, he's been on two different antibiotics for about 7 weeks now, 1 more to go. nothing more fun than shoving a pill and two squirts of a nasty sticky medicine down his throat twice a day. his progress (or lack thereof) is nothing i can see outwardly. for awhile i felt that he was lethargic, but he seems pretty normal now. i really won't know if the meds helped until a couple weeks after we're done if something happens, or doesn't.

too tired to continue painting tonight, catch you all in the daylight!