Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 Carried Away, 10x10, pastel/graphite on paper

I've been feeling my pastels lately, I love creating the smooth transitions of sky and playing with all the different shades and varieties of blue that I can find.  That subtle shift right at the horizon where it can be green or pink, grey or even white.  When I work on my paintings I stand tall (well, as tall as my five foot two inches can go!) and paint with constant action and energy.  My drawings are more intimate, I sit at my drawing desk, close, hunched over the paper, a lamp hanging precariously over my head.  The pastel gets everywhere and I'm constantly wiping my fingers on my shirt or pants and blowing the dust from the surface.  I make a total mess, surprisingly moreso than when I'm painting I think.  

Storm on the Mesa, 4x6, pastel/graphite on paper

I think my favorite part is when I finish the color and I start my outline with the pencil, all the forms take a bold shape and pop off the paper.  Drawings feed my paintings, paintings feed my drawings, when I'm doing one I'm excited to return to the other.  I have these pieces put under a mat and wrapped so clients can frame them as they choose.  

Teach Me to Know, 6x5x8, pastel/graphite on paper