Wednesday, August 21, 2013

heavy lifting

in case you've wondered where i've been the last few weeks...i've been working! although my type of work pretty much always includes art, whether it's mine or someone else's.  several weeks ago i drove to loveland, colorado to work a booth at the loveland sculpture invitational.  i spent almost a whole week with the owners of my gallery (where i am the director), joshua and jojo tobey. josh is an amazing wildlife sculpture know for his patina and whimsy.  i also know him for making damn heavy art that i had to lug back and forth from studio to booth, back to studio and on to santa fe.  (i think my muscles are bigger...)

the entire event was amazing to behold, huge tents upon tents filled with sculptors creating wildlife, figures, abstract, bronze, stone, ceramics, etc.  if you ever get a chance to go, i highly recommend it, especially the friday night patron party when the food and beer come out.

my evenings were spent relaxing after the long days with several artists and friends at josh and jojo's house in the mountains.  deer, elk, and turkey kept us company as we drank wine, ate jojo's amazing food, and watched 100s of hummingbirds on the porch feeders. (here is another great bronze artist jim eppler getting some down time)

jojo's cat sunny kept watch in the kitchen, all these people needed a supervisor after all...

the drive home had some amazing clouds and i took every opportunity to pull over and take pictures. driving is one of my favorite things to's my way to relax and i feel so much better after i get to do some exploring.  rather than take the highway, i always prefer the bi-way and got to see a lot more mountains and little towns like south fork, which the show south park was modeled after.

once i got home i jumped right back into gallery work as we prepared for our indian market exhibition and private party.  it's the biggest weekend in santa fe for the whole year as a hundred thousand collectors flood the city.  needless to say, i didn't get much sleep this week either!  but now that's done and i've caught up on sleep and i'm painting for my show next friday the 30th at beals and abbate fine art.  we're calling it 'sara shawger seven' and hanging my 7 newest works.  hope you can come!

i need a vacation... namaste!