Thursday, February 17, 2011

baby paintings

"Wind" and "Heat", two little 4x4 fun babies. i like to do little ones like these to test colors, brush strokes, etc. in this one, especially wind, i was testing brush stroke and movement. i may make them for sale, or i may make them a gift with purchase?! they go nicely together, no?!

i'm working through a bit of a painters block right now. my drawings seem to be doing well. i'll be revealing a new one today that is the pastel version of Evolution of Night, the moon light night scene. i'm happy with how it turned out and i have lots of pictures and ideas for more landscape drawings. it's the painting that i'm kinda stuck on...i'm so scared to get myself in a rut that i'll stare at a canvas for an hour. that's where the babies came from and then i cleaned my brushes and studio space for an hour. the best way to get back is to dive right in. so that's what i'll do tonight...dive right back in! then, i'm also running of some key paint colors...cross your fingers that i sell something big so i can get to the art store and restock!

but i'm feeling refreshed. the weather is warming up, the sky is mostly blue, and i just went for a short hike in diablo canyon (and took pictures of course!), and i gave my jeep a bath and sweep (which makes me happier than you would believe!). a little more yoga and i'll be nice and centered.