Monday, September 21, 2009


my alma mater is having a juried alumni show. i sent in four drawings and they chose these two to be in the show. the blue piece with the low horizon is a smaller piece, 8" x 5", and the grey one is a larger endeavor at 20"x 15". my arm about fell off after that one. i couldn't finish it in one session! i'm pretty happy with them. it's hard to see in pictures, but there's a lot of detail and many colors in each piece even though the overall effect is of a singular hue. i'll have to post a detail pic sometime.

now to get them framed and shipped off to west virginia! wish i could go to the show, but my family will be visiting and it's a bit of a trip. any suggestions on titles? i hate titling my work....

at it again

i broke out the pastels again for some art venting. these pieces are great for me because the movement is fast and vigorous and i put a lot of my emotions into them. i call them abstracts, but they are very much related to horizon lines and the new mexico sky. the pink one has a high horizon line with a touch of oranges and yellows for the warmth of the setting/rising sun. also, the blue piece has a faint glow of yellow at the bottom. the actual horizon line is hidden, or can be the natural line of the end of the drawing. my main focus was trying to successfully show a progression from dark to light and in the pink one, to be able to show a change in subject/space without completely dissecting the canvas. i want it to be a soft flow, nothing to harsh.