Thursday, April 5, 2012

decisions, decisions....

hard at work right now, but i can't really show you on what!  at least, i'd rather it be a fresh show with work NO ONE has seen before!  even though the show at Beals & Abbate isn't until June 8th, a lot of the advertising is due right about now.  i fear i will lose friends after this, i keep turning everyone down for dinner, movies, and/or drinks!  stick with me people!

such an amazing change in my life from a few years ago.  i used to be working 4 jobs just to get by and rarely having the time or energy to make art.  now it's come to the forefront and it's my job!  i don't think i ever truly expected this, but i'm so grateful that it's happening.  i can't imagine what i'd be doing if i weren't painting.  

now i will give you a peak of one of my latest that just went off to Heath Gallery in palm springs...this is "Sail the Ocean Blue", 40x16, oil on canvas.  had a lot of fun with this water series and taught myself some new techniques for fading and reflections.  also, i love this color scheme, blues and grey's have always been a favorite of mine. more...

"Red Earth", 24 x 24, is currently showing at Rogoway's in tubac, az.  i just recently visited there and it's a lovely gallery.  very proud to be in the company of some great artists.  cute little town, too.  had some amazing fruit burro desserts at wisdom's cafe, i can't wait to get back and have more!

so, if you don't hear from me, i'm in the studio painting like a mad woman and taking occasional yoga breaks!  feel free to come by, i always enjoy company while i work!  hope to see some of you at my show, june 8th from 5-8 at Beals & Abbate Fine Art in Santa Fe!