Tuesday, October 11, 2011

not so blue

here's a close up of something i started tonight.  i was feeling warm (perhaps because it's cold out and i'm freezin!) and my palette has been mostly blue lately.  now that the leaves are turning, i'm surrounded by golds and oranges and reds that just glow all around me.  it just made me want to experiment with more colors.

last night i walked outside and smelled snow for the first time this season.  the weather makes me want to cozy up and eat soup and drink hot tea all day!  it even got me to dye my hair dark brown.  warm warm warm, i just want to be warm!

tomorrow i'm going to do a practice run at painting outside my gallery.  saturday, october 15th is the annual canyon road paint out where all the artists are invited to paint on the street and in front of their galleries.  there's even a parade with the mayor and marching bands from local schools.  it's in honor of how the road began with artists making their homes and studios there and inviting people to watch them work (and hopefully buy something!).  i'm excited, but a little nervous as i usually get pretty quiet when i paint.  i kind of go into a zone...  but i'm also rather outgoing and will probably be fine chatting with people.  we'll see if i can get a whole painting finished!  so come see me wednesday or saturday in front of beals & abbate fine art at 713 canyon!