Thursday, November 10, 2011


Winter Field
oil on panel

i guess i'm a little inspired by the weather, it's cold!  and with my back window zipper busted, i have an open jeep and a chill on my neck.  we've had a few snippets of snow and as much as i hate driving in it, i do love looking at it.  there's something so beautiful about the combination of blue sky and white ground.    can't wait for a heavy snow and i'll head out on a photo shoot.  i'm also thinking of incorporating more foreground pieces like fences, roads and telephone poles.  in college i always liked to add an architectural element to be a contrast with the organic nature of the clouds and landscape.  i have pictures, i'll have to scan them and post to help reminisce.  those college landscapes were where my brushstroke was born!

still getting used to the time change.  it's already dark by the time i get home from work, which is good for studio time.  i tend to work better when it's dark out.  i just went out and bought some larger canvases and i'm hoping to get some paintings in stock and make a trip to tubac, az and palm springs to meet the gallery owners and bring some new work.  a road trip always clears my head and calms me down.  i also need to start thinking ahead because it looks like i'll be having a solo show at beals & abbate next june.  i want to do some really big pieces in diptych and triptych style and experiment with more bold colors.  this is going to be fun!  almost like my graduate thesis?!