Wednesday, March 23, 2011

back in the metaphorical saddle

sweet accidental camera phone snap as i was getting ready to take the pic below...

just for fun...guess which brush is my favorite?!!

ha. so hi! sorry, it's been awhile i guess. i had not been feeling well since before christmas really. i was very tired and lots of other stuff and then don't even get me started about my allergies to the juniper for the last month! oh my goddess....pollen of death in new mexico! but i went to a couple of doctors and spent a lot of money and i'm feeling soooo much better. so much so that i am happily painting again! sometimes you just get in a rut. between my health and the crazy painting for my show, i burned myself out a bit. it's kinda like writer's block...artist's get painter's block. that big white canvas mocks us and we can't quite figure out how to conquer it.

i'm starting with the smaller canvases, though, and working my way up. plus, big canvases and paint are expensive. *hint hint* anywho, i'm playing around a bit with some paintings based on my grad school abstract work that i really liked, as well as continuing my landscapes and cloudscapes. i think they can talk to each other though. the abstracts have a great layering quality and some really nice color palettes. i don't have any pics at the moment, but i'm sure i'll be sharing.

in other news, i just sent some paintings down to tubac, arizona to a gallery who is maybe possibly interested in showing my work... *crosses fingers and toes* either way, it's going to be a great year for me with lots of new beginnings and setbacks and trying agains. that's the way it goes. always get back up and keep going!

(the answer, by the way, is the third one wrapped in duct tape!)