Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catching Up

geez, guess i'm not good on this who blogging thing!  well, i've been busy with my day job, being a good gallery director is no joke!  we just had one of our biggest shows of the year and it's a lot of working going into it followed by some much needed recovery time afterward.  usually i treat myself with a massage, but this time i'm waiting until after june 8th.  no time for that!  i have been doing several works including a large 48x48 during these past few weeks and now i'm hitting high gear and painting everything i can get my hands on.  not everything will see the light of the gallery, but i'll be giving you the best that i've got right now!

i'm playing around with new style options, still including my signature stroke, but incorporating bigger brushes and harder edges.  you may remember a certain cloud piece that i kept teasing you with progress pictures, well i don't think i ever showed you the finished product!  so here's a taste of some new work.  the rest will be revealed for my show!  make sure you have friday, june 8th from 5-8 at Beals & Abbate Fine Art marked in your calendar!

Just Cause It Feels Good
40 x 30
oil on canvas