Thursday, February 23, 2012

oil on canvas

long time no bloggy!  despite the 'slow' season in santa fe, i've been working my gallery director butt off.  but i've also been painting a lot.  i've still got a lot to do for my show in june, but i'm working on some marine/oceany stuff and planning what to do for the show.  planning how to change and grow.  the title of the show is 'points of view', so i want to put the viewer in and out of the landscape.  safe from the storm and immersed in the splatter of it.  how can i make you feel the cold chaotic drops of rain while looking at a canvas?

in the meantime, here's a new larger work that i will probably send to my gallery in arizona.  it's a new green/grey and gold palette that i'm liking right now.  i decided to do a smaller 24x12 that i'll be taking to beals & abbate as soon as it's dry.