Thursday, October 28, 2010

back in the fe!

i'm back! freshly inspired to start up my landscape drawings and get ready for my show at miklos coffee shop. i'll be hanging the show on december 1st and the artist's reception will be friday the 3rd from 5 to 7pm. i'm working on some postcards it weird that i really enjoy making the postcards and doing the design work?!

this is my latest drawing, 'an artist's morning', nupastel on paper, 15"x10". i'm enjoying the sunrise/sunset colors and especially the blending. with nupastels, sometimes you can see the marking from where you first put the color down and it won't be covered or disguised. each layer has to be put down in soft strokes and overlapping and then carefully blended. i use my fingers to blend and often each finger is assigned a color so as not to pollute. these are a lot different than the abstract drawings which can be messy and can get mixed. i came up with a few new ideas for that series while i was in yoga. some of my best ideas come out of yoga!

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