Friday, December 30, 2011

Red Earth

decided to do something a little different.  i've been looking at work by julie hedrick and doug smith dealing with space and color.  i usually do a big sky with a small streak of land on the bottom, so i switched it around for this one.  i also looked through my paints and found a color that i didn't know i had, a dark brownish-red. i thought it looked like the shades of red i saw in ghost ranch and on my way north on I-25.  i rather like this piece...i don't even want to hand it over to a gallery just yet, but it has spawned lots of new ideas in my head, which is just what i needed right now.

i'm rather thankful that the holidays are over.  there's always so much to do and none of it includes studio time.  so now i'm done with all that jazz and have more time and some xmas money to work on my upcoming show.  i want to do some really large works, so i'll need lots of materials and canvas.  i'll also need a larger studio space, so i'm working on finding a space to rent or trade.  my little living room corner studio won't cut it for this show.  

so tomorrow is the last day of the year, and it's been a good one.  i have a lot to look forward to and i'm feeling good about where i'm heading.  happy new 2012!