Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new moon, new gallery

i've been working on moon pieces a lot lately. i did a smaller version of this, which sold, and i decided to do a really big one! it's 36x36 and this is as far as i've gotten...my arm is pretty much numb. my brush strokes are so small and active that i get physically tired doing these larger pieces! good exercise, right?!

i've been painting a lot this last couple of weeks because i found myself with an excellent goal to paint towards. there's a new gallery opening on canyon road and the owners have asked me to be in the gallery. holy crap!! i was in disbelief for awhile, thinking something was going to happen to make it not true, but after talking with them a couple of times, i am allowing myself to tell everyone. it's at 713 Canyon Road and it's called Beals and Abbate Fine Art. Their info is out there, but the website isn't up yet. They plan to open their doors on May 16th.

so now i'm represented at Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula, CA, Rogoway's Turquoise Tortoise in Tubac, AZ and now Santa Fe. it's kinda awesome to see all of my work finally amounting to something during this last year. i've had so much great support in my friends, family, workplace, new collector's...and, of course, a good start thanks to my aunt.

now, i'm headed to bed and letting my arm rest so i can get back into this tomorrow! not to mention i'm doing the finishing touches on my aunt's house tomorrow as we should be closing on the house on thursday. i'm happy and sad at the same time...i'll have no excuse to go out to eldorado anymore. this whole chapter of my life with my aunt feels like it's closing and the next chapter is all about me and my career. everything happens for a reason.

goodnight and namaste!

Monday, April 11, 2011


ahhh, that felt nice! i haven't abstracted in awhile. i broke a sweat on this one, may start another one tonight if my right arm has the strength. i must look like some kind of frantic mad scientist on the verge of some great discovery to anyone peeking in my window while i'm working on these. the landscapes are more intimate and slow, while the abstracts are a blur of action and movement, which i hope comes across when you look at the pieces. can't wait to get this piece and manifesting framed, they're going to look crisp and awesome! is it weird that i'm madly in love with my own drawings?! now all i have to do is find a venue that wants to show a whole series of just these abstract drawings?!

this piece is called Blue Horizons, it's 8" x 11" and is done with hard pastels and graphite on bristol paper. i'll have to mat this as the special removable tape i used for the edges also removes the paper when pealing off. grrr. guess i'll have to look for something else. or perhaps i just leave my edges raw and free as a nice surprise for anyone who reframes?!