Tuesday, June 21, 2011

who has time to blog?!


Into the Wild
oil on canvas

got my groove back! i was going through a little artist's block moment, but i think i'm through it now. i've got a lot to keep me going including a few sales and a new gallery! i've been having a lot of fun at Beals & Abbate, dropping in to talk to bobby, jacob and the visitors and bringing still-wet paintings in at random times. today i met a great bronze sculptor, Upton Ethelbah, who also shows there. (and he loved my work! woot!) i was excited to hear that the gallery plans on doing a show to raise money for breast cancer research. i'll definitely be doing a piece for that dedicated to my aunt.

as i mentioned earlier, looks like my work is headed to Palm Springs! i'm getting work out to the Heath Gallery for their July 2nd show. wish i could get out there for it, but i've got way too much going on here at home and a wedding in myrtle beach at the end of july. i'm definitely looking forward to a beach trip! the piece pictured above will be headed out to Palm Springs for the show.

in other news, keep my baby boy, PC, in your thoughts. he's been having some medical troubles and i get the test results in this week (he's only 8! should not have these problems!). i'm hoping that it's just an infection or something fixable and not the "C" word. i'll be heartbroken if i lose him. :-(