Wednesday, January 16, 2013

thank goodness that's over...

2013?!  really?!  wow, ok, well it's starting out good so far.  i've got a new energy, i'm hunkering down in the studio drawing and painting, and i'm focusing on making this a great year for my art.  i had a little blip there where i couldn't paint...nothing i tried worked and i was really frustrated and down.  i guess all artists go through that and i hope it never happens again!  thanks to the support of friends and collectors and a lot of yoga, i've been working again and looking towards the future.  and a shout out to an amazing artist and friend Sandy Keller and her hubby, Jerry, they have been so supportive of me and half of the supplies i have are because of their generosity!

just finished this piece, 30x10, oil on canvas. i'm calling it "Go" because i'm having a little wanderlust and need to plan a trip asap.

i'm also playing with color canvas/gesso and painted this piece black before starting it.  i almost don't want to paint it...there's something so vacant and atmospheric about a window to some other world sitting on my studio wall.  nah, i'll paint it!

happy new year everyone!