Friday, July 24, 2009

the empty bowl success

here's my little spot at the Empty Bowl animal charity auction. i was happy to watch a little bidding war go on for my bowl! the 'winner' also took home my bio so may even be seeing this as we speak! hello buyer! so glad you like my bowl! i was rather happy with it myself and almost didn't want to give it up. it actually gives me some ideas for brightly painted objects with a thick glaze on them. i'm not sure about fish-shaped bowls, but maybe found objects?

Friday, July 10, 2009

walking toward inspiration

i spent the  4th of july weekend in the studio for the most part.  i felt the need to do some drawing.  i measured and taped off my perfect little squares and rectangles and went to town with my chaotic drawing language and created these two pieces.  i "looked at" or really glanced down every once in awhile at some cloud pictures for these, and the square even actually resembles some cloudness, but the larger piece kind lost it.  either way, i was inspired to do the blue after my artwalk on friday.  i saw a beautiful little pastel cloud piece at Hahn Ross gallery and it inspired me.  i think i'll make the friday art walks a habit.  

another large landscape drawing is on the way.  i started it this weekend as well and i'm about 3/4 of the way through.  the question now is....where the heck am i going to put all of these pieces?!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


sometimes i forget that art makes me feel better.  doing art, that is.  seeing it...just makes me jealous!  some people garden, some people cook...i make art.  i have lots of things in my head and they're all fighting to get out.  i need to listen more and set them free!

so, this big revelation came while working on a small piece for the Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary benefit called "The Empty Bowl".  i picked the cat bowl which is shaped like a goldfish.  i was a little hesitant as this is a big benefit with some celebrities and some really well known artists.  but then i figured, they're just like me...they like to art, too.  the woman who is organizing the event told me that Elizabeth Taylor sent them a painted dish!  wow!  she also said that it was pretty bad, but who cares, Elizabeth Taylor did it!!  santa fe has some great connections!  either way, i have my dish and it will be at the auction right next to Tom Hyland (who's night time jackrabbits i've been drooling over at gabriel's restaurant) and Elizabeth Taylor.  will it make any money?  i hope i want to know?  no, i'll remain blissfully ignorant...unless of course people like it and i get a healthy bid!