Saturday, May 23, 2009

fading and drawings

i had a small opening of time last week and this cute little canvas, so i painted "Night Fade (study)". it's very small, i forget the dimensions, maybe 3 or 4 inches wide. i had attempted to put some stars high in the sky, but it was too blatant, so i stayed simple and tried to bring out some of the crimson and violets. the base is much lighter, i wanted to work on my own 'fade' technique to show a transition. the sky is so high here! there are so many transitions of blues! which is also why i love using extreme vertical canvases, to hightlight the length of the sky.
i also realized something that's becoming stronger and stronger lately. i tend to look at the world in drawing compositions, using the lines, colors and breakdowns on my drawings. as much as i love to do the paintings, the desire to draw and use graphite in my work is very powerful. i'd like to work on both and then search out opinions from other artists and gallery types on which work better and have more potential. it even seems to me that i get more of a response from people out of my drawings than i do with the paintings. guess it's time to experiment and see how it goes!