Wednesday, October 6, 2010

if i could bottle it

the studio wall, the paint rag, the blank canvas brush wipings. some of my favorite parts of the studio! they are an art form in and of themselves. totally subconscious, not on purpose, happy accidents. sometimes i like how they turn out even better. even in school, my 'accidental' paintings got so much attention that i tried to replicate them....without success. it is impossible for them to come out of purpose. they are built out of no thoughts, a truly playful gathering of moments in time.

the other pieces are color studies and things i do on the myriad of smaller half-used canvases that i have. gotta keep the momentum going and get some ideas out of my head and onto the canvas so i can see if they're actually good.

on a fun note, i found a friend to work on my website, an actual place to show my work cleanly and professionally. stay tuned!


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