Thursday, October 14, 2010

a show, a drawing and a vacation

i received some good news this week, looks like i'll be showing my work at a winery shop in temecula, california for the month of january! they want to show all three of my styles, so that makes it a little easier on me as far as creating new work. so there are two shows on the horizon, including one at miklos cafe showing my landscape drawings in december. boy i've got a lot of work to do! i need a bigger studio and more days in the week!

i'm going to lose a week as it is on a vacation. finally, a real vacation! i'm headed home to pittsburgh to visit the fam, then south to morgantown, wv to visit my crew, and then finally to harrisburg to spend quality time with one of my bffs. until then, i only have one free night to create and no days off from work. i'll have to become a hermit once i get back. which, oddly, is something i've always wanted to do... disappear for awhile from the world and throw myself into my work. it's easy to immerse yourself in art when you're in college or grad school. for the most part that's all you have to do...stay up in the studio till all hours of the morning and sleep until one of your afternoon art history classes. once i become a full time artist (cross your fingers everyone), i know i'll revert to my natural night owl schedule. it's quiet at night and i can get lost in my head and into music and this american life podcasts. too bad i have to actually sleep....

above is a piece i did tonight with NuPastel on paper. it goes back to my idea of the inner language and space. through a lot of layers, i've ghosted my mark making in and out of the surface. i've used some graphite pencil which doesn't show up quite as well in pictures. i usually do these in series as i hate trying to come up with names that don't get too personal or hold too much power. this is the first of the Infatuation series. it's 10x8 but i think i'd like to do some larger ones as well. this one isn't necessarily color focused, whereas i plan to do some that you can pinpoint the overall color when you look at it from a distance. as usual with these drawings, when you get close, there is every color in the box weaving through the surface, pushing and pulling in and out of the depth.

and now i'm toast. the last two yoga classes beat me up a bit. i feel great, but tired. namaste!

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