Thursday, January 13, 2011

weary of chicken

food can be evil...especially when it poisons you. ugh. i spent this past weekend sick as a dog, but i'm feeling better now. trying to be productive in all work, design work, art work. made two new versions of my business card yesterday, hopefully they'll come in before the show.

about ready to finish up a painting and start on a big one. i think i want to do another night scene but use a lot of colors. it doesn't need to be as smooth as some of the transitions are...i don't want all transitions to be to soft or easy, i want to give them some resistance and static, something that makes your eye constantly move. i've been looking at photos of my art from WVWC and JMU and i want to revisit some styles and see what i do with them now. i also have an urge to just draw...graphite and charcoal drawings of real objects as well as abstract spaces. lots of ideas in my head!

one idea was to combine my landscape drawings with my abstract drawings. here's the first attempt. it's after a photo of the sunset over the water. i think i'll continue on this path for a bit and see what happens. drawing is much easier with my new drawing table and my space is much more organized.

i'll try to get a lot done before my temecula show. i leave next thursday to stay with my friend/artist jami tobey and meet up with my mom, my aunt and long lost family for a day in san diego. i'm so excited...i definitely need an adventure! saturday will be hanging out with jami and my art rep, brad, followed up with my show. looks like it's quite the event with a live band and wine tastings. can't wait!


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