Thursday, January 27, 2011

evolution of big night

someone told me that they really liked seeing the progress of my work from an earlier post. so i thought i'd do the same for the painting i've been working on this week. so here is the evolution of big sky from sketch to finish. notice that the colors shift throughout, this is due to the changing sunlight or lack thereof. the last photo is the finished piece, but the color is probably closer to the next to last image. i'll be taking a better photo outside once it dries a bit.

this piece is 36x36 and i'm calling it Evolution of Night. it's based on the sketch i did and the feeling that i had from the night. i was restless and went for a drive back to eldorado to see the moon over the mountains. it felt like it was radiating. my brushstroke is different than my usual geometric patterns. can't be boring right?! i'm pretty happy with the result. i plan to put this up at max's once it's dry.

i'm supposed to be relaxing. making the photo montage and writing a blog (and cleaning my house) seem to be filling that space. turns out i forgot how to relax. even if i'm watching tv or a movie, i always have to be doing something productive at the same time. there's ALWAYS something to do when you're working for yourself. i rest when i sleep, and when i sleep, i sleep hard. i like that feeling.

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