Wednesday, December 29, 2010

busy little bee

Red Night
40x16, oil on canvas

8x8, oil on canvas

wooohaw! getting stuff done today! it's great seeing everything happen! website, check. twitter, check. blog, check. facebook page, check. i feel so productive! next step will be that elusive newsletter i've been talking about. with the holidays and my shows, i haven't had much time. today was my first day really delving in. my focus will also be on creating new work and trying to get some new shows. i also want to get a whole new series up at max's restaurant.

my work arrived in temecula safely and my show will be hung tomorrow. i'll post pics if they send any to me. looks like i'll have a little family reunion at my show. my mother from pittsburgh, my aunt from chicago, and some long lost greats and 2nd and 3rd family members that live near temecula will be on hand for my january 22nd artist's reception. very exciting!

so here's the site i worked on all times i was super frustrated and wanting to throw my computer out the window or convincing myself that i should shell out a ton of money to let someone else do it. someday i may still do that so i can have a really funky cool site, but right now it's simple and classy. works for me! so go to and check out my fresh new page!

so while i try to wind down, happy new year and namaste!

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