Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i can't believe how busy i'm getting!  so much going on lately, the energy is adding to my paintings and things are flowing faster and better.  finishing up some things now before my reception at the Eldorado Hotel on thursday.  there will be wine and food and me, painting and chatting with people from 4:30-6:30.  if you're local and want to hang out, please come by, the more the merrier! (and the more popular i look!)  

it's a rough time of year for me.  as much as i love the idea of spring and warmer weather, in santa fe spring is kinda deadly for me.  i'm severely allergic to juniper pollen.  just walking from my apartment door to my jeep about 15 feet away sends me into an asthma/sneezing attack.  i'm on allergy meds, a steroid shot, eye drops, a face mask, and an inhaler and still pretty miserable.  is there some kind of artist exchange program that i can start every spring that will send me to a nice, juniper-less place where i can actually breathe?!  

this week i stopped and dropped two paintings off at SmithKlein in boulder, colorado and i'll have at least 6 new pieces for the event on thursday.  i'll also start something new tomorrow night that i'll be working on during the event.  it's a good chance to see me work my signature brushstroke!  

looking forward to a good year ahead!


oil on canvas

any title ideas?!  i usually get it from music, will have to think on it...

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