Wednesday, March 27, 2013

do you like to watch.... paint?!  last thursday i set up at the Eldorado Hotel lobby for a private event where i painted while friends and collectors nibbled on appetizers, talked and laughed, and sampled vodka and whiskey from KGB Spirits out of Alcalde, NM. (i have no idea where that is...must google it and make a trip, the vodka was smooth!)

now i don't know why, i guess i'm a bit of a performer, but i paint very well in front of an audience.  several times i was so into working that people had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention and i jumped ten feet off the floor.  i enjoy talking to people about my work and for them to see how i create.  my actions are fast and i can cover a lot of ground quickly, even with a small brush.  i spend a lot of time going over the same areas in order to get the right shift of color and value.  i usually work from photos of clouds or landscapes, or even from pictures of a color that i found on my walks to work.  sometimes i'm a little more loose and am just going for a feeling, like with my spring piece, "On Your Way".

in other news, the allergies are a tiny bit better, the asthma is still killing me every time i walk outside, but i'm going on vacation to palm springs, ca next week so hopefully i'll get a breather (ha, get it, i can breathe?!) and a little refresh so i can come home and start another new group of paintings.  i'll leave you with this beauty shot of one of my small works, "Setting," skillfully captured by Beals & Abbate's photographer, Alex.  

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  1. You are painting some great works Sara! And it is fun to hang out with you!