Thursday, September 2, 2010

oops, i painted my cat...

i was told to paint more, so here we go. i went out today and bought 4 larger canvases and last week i bought some smaller ones and restocked some favorite colors. ($$ouch!!) what are my favorite paint colors you ask? i love prussian blue, burnt umber, alizarion crimson, and yellow ochre. if they are not obviously present in a painting, they are mixed in somewhere.

i've been working on two paintings, one has more foreground with a road leading into the distance and the other verges on pure abstraction with a movement from a yellow base to a deep blue top. to me it's the sunrise...or probably more appropriately the sunset as i rarely ever actually see the sunrise. i am a creative vampire. i'm thinking of calling this one 'night time revelry' due to the fact that when you look at it closely, i've used small busy brushes for the whole thing and many colors weave throughout the painting.

and i love getting my hands dirty.


  1. Joanne Knauf9/2/10, 5:44 AM

    This is a great site! I love your work!

  2. I love this Sara! Great idea! My favorite thus far is still Boundless! I believe you sold it, right? Do you sell prints?

  3. My darling're right...just the visual I needed!

    Miss you loads!